Personal profile

immagineAutrice After years of busy working activity in the advertising and marketing sector, for a long time now I have been devoting myself to watercolour painting.
Actually I had always felt the need to practise – alongside my job- some artistic disciplines such as clay modelling and painting, till I discovered watercolour painting.
For each and every discipline I decided to study with the best teachers in my town (Milan), especially as for what regards painting.
I chose the watercolour technique due to its expressive immediacy, its versatility and its freshness, never forgetting, though, that it is considered a difficult technique.
In my paintings I always try to convey the atmosphere and consequently the emotion it involves in order to reach the observer’s sensitivity and feelings.
For years I have been member of the Watercolour Italian Association, based in Milan, but with associates from all over Italy and with strong international connections, especially in Europe, through the European Confederation of Watercolour Society, which offers the opportunity of a wide vision of the world of this kind of painting in great evolution at the moment.
I have taken part in exhibitions and events both organized by the Association and others – personal and collective – getting valuable appraisal and appreciation.